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Unwind and inspire the soul with our final smoothmind post of 2021. While theyear has been a whirlwind of a rollercoaster for us all, I wanted to take this chance to share with you some inspiring musical sets. They helped to inspire the soul during both the high’s and low’s of the year past. As we look forward to 2022, there’s no doubt that I will return to these sets when it’s time to unwind and spark that flame in my mind.

Unwind And Inspire The Soul | Ash – Live for Beirut

In this first set from a French-Egyptian multi-instramentalist, live artist and producer ‘Ash’, he delivers this live session for Beirut, from Montréal Canada, presented by Electronic Labor Day and Beatport. It’s not just the amazing talent, but also the combination of his passion and backdrop here that both help to really set the scene.

Ash – Live for Beirut

Massane – Live Set – Dawn On The French Riviera

Continuing on the theme of live sets; Massane, a melodic House Producer and DJ from France, takes us on a soul-lifting journey. This includes tantalising guitar instrumentals, ambient house themed backdrops, and smooth vocals. Combined with the creative use of drones to capture the stunning backdrop; it helps immerse us into his creative mindset.

Massane performing a live set on the French Riviera

Andre X Jad – #10YearsLaterAlbum – @Jabal Al-Arbaeen Lebanon

This live set took place in Lebanon, Douniyeh, Jabal Al Arbaeen. It showcases the reuniting of two amazing artists; Andre Soueid and Jad Halal; who originally started their careers together in Lebanon. In this set, they share four songs from their album ’10 years Later’. Be sure to listen all the way through as they conclude in final stage of their soul-inspiring set with ‘Karman Line’, which I absolutely love.

Andre Soueid and Jad Halal performing a live set in Lebanon

Unwind And Inspire The Soul | Peace And Love To You All

Needless to say as I wrote this article, I listened to each of the sets (again) from start to finish. Undoubtedly, this is the way these sets are meant to be heard! Allow yourself the chance and the time to unwind with the gift of these inspiring musicians and feel enlightened as we gear-up for a fantastic year ahead!


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