The rise and rise of eCommerce Media

The rise and rise of eCommerce Media is happening right now… So what is ‘eCommerce Media’, I hear you ask?  Well, in the UK at least, it is a relatively new term that can be categorised in the Digital Eco System as a form of online display advertising.

eCommerce Media is a form of display advertising that takes place directly across online retail sites.

It provides a highly valuable opportunity for advertisers to reach and engage with consumers (online shopper audiences) while they are browsing on, researching for, and buying from online retail sites in real-time.

The online shopper audiences of retail sites have a real intent to purchase. Advertisers that are able to offer relevant messaging and content to enhance their online shopping experience have the chance to positively influence which products and services that they likely to then go on and purchase.

Retail sites will always place a priority on their core objective, which is to drive sales both online and in-store (if they have a physical retail store presence), and with this they will continue to strive to provide the best shopper experiences for consumers browsing for products and services sold through their sites.

One could argue therefore that eCommerce Media can been seen as a distraction to the consumer journey, especially if an advertiser brand is promoted where their product or service is not actually sold by the retail site upon which the display advert appears.

In some cases, when eCommerce Media is not served in the right way this can be the case.

An example of when eCommerce Media not being served in the right way is when a retail site displays a multitude of irrelevant advertiser display advertisements across various pages of the site and then allows each of these display adverts to have click-off links directing shoppers away, in-turn interrupting the consumer’s original shopper journey with the retail site in the process.

When done in the right way however, where relevant display advertising (which does not compete with the retail site offering/proposition) is served seamlessly into the retail site and in the appropriate sections that will not to distract the consumer from their online shopping experience, eCommerce Media instead bolsters the content that is relevant to the consumer’s shopping interests. This in turn helps to provide for a better online shopping experience.

The benefit for retail site publishers in this case when it is done in the right way is that provides a new revenue stream from which, to commercialise their inventory that reaches valuable high-in-demand shopper audiences.

Right now, I see it is as one of the most exciting forms of display advertising that will grow in leaps and bounds as the digital advertising industry looks to grab its’ share and capitalise on this exciting new form of media. This is one of the main reasons I too recently started to work with a company operating in the field of eCommerce Media, so thought it only right to bring everyone up-to-speed on this new display advertising channel.

When I joined six months ago there was a genuine gap in the digital eco system for this kind of advertising inventory and while the number of companies out there who specialise in this form of advertising are currently few and far between at the moment, it is literally a matter of time before the dynamics change and it becomes a much more crowded space.

Until then, those companies that are currently spearheading the growth of this new source of real-time shopper targeted advertising inventory will continue to refine their services to drive innovations and technology advancements to help those advertisers and retail sites savvy enough to incorporate this into their advertising and commercialisation strategies reap the rewards from eCommerce Media.

In my next article ‘Beyond Display Advertising with eCommerce Media‘, I take a deeper into the commercialisation strategies of eCommerce retailers that are most successful in monetising their online real-estate through strategic featured product placements, brand stores and more…

If you have any questions related to eCommerce Media for your business and how best to approach it, please get in touch.


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