Thank You | smoothmind 2020

Thank You

As we reach the end of a rollercoaster year of highs and heart-breaking lows in 2020, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. For those of you who have continued to engage with smoothmind throughout the years gone by, as well as those of you who are here for the very first time, I thank you!

Smoothmind is written for the love and passion of all things Digital. It has remained self-funded since conception way back in 2012, with absolutely no commercial gain to be made from any 3rd party advertising that may sometimes appear from video embeds or links included in some of the posts. As smoothmind continues to evolve, I am truly grateful that you are all sharing this journey with me.

To the smooth minds who have collaborated on the journey so far, I thank you. I thank you for embracing creativity and exploring new ideas as we continue to navigate digital trends and share inspiration for the readership of the amazing smoothmind community that is increasing year-on-year. To unsplash and its’ collective of inspiring photographers whose pictures grace some of smoothmind’s posts, I thank you.

In 2021, smoothmind will continue to explore and share new content to help advocate for better connected experiences for all. Whilst I may still have a lot to learn in evolving smoothmind as a platform for positive change, I remain open to new ways of collaborating with like-minded professionals in a pursuit to help the world benefit from embracing Digital innovation for the greater good of all.

Whilst our rollercoaster ride is not yet over as we head into 2021, I am confident we can get through the worst of it together as a global community, for it is the strength in our minds that will ultimately help us work through the crisis to win.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday and a truly successful 2021!