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The Role of Data in Digital Transformation is the second instalment of the smoothmind ‘Digital Transformation‘ series. For those of you ready to advance, the next video explores key data opportunities for your consideration.

By doing so, you’ll learn more about:

  • The role of data in facilitating transformational success
  • Implementing a poor vs. well-designed data strategy
  • The impact on customer perception in Brand quality
  • Ways to think about data
  • Data utilisation for meaningful engagement
  • The broken Privacy system impacting our global Internet experience
  • And more

…when we think of a Digital Transformation, data is fundamental, not just to the actual end experience of your customers; but actually to understanding the health and shape of your workforce and how they operate to drive success for your business…

Gopesh Raichura, Quote from ‘The Role of Data in Digital Transformation’ Video | smoothmind

So, if you’re looking to undertake those next important steps for business change, be sure to watch the video.

Role Of Data In Digital Transformation

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The Next Step On Your Journey

The next step is to consider the impact of technology choices that will contribute towards a winning Digital Transformation. Learn more on this via topic number 4 on smoothmind’s Digital Transformation page.

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