Purposeful Performance with smoothmind®

Purposeful Performance with smoothmind®

Purposeful Performance.

With a life prioritisation imperative at play, it’s vital for business to deliver purposeful performance for the communities it serves.

Gopesh Raichura, CEO

Purposeful Performance with smoothmind®


The Past

Smoothmind.com was launched initially as a digital blog in 2012 as an outlet for my mind and passion for all things digital. With this passion came a natural desire to inform and enable businesses leaders and consumers. I wrote articles to help the smoothmind audience navigate the digital landscape, as well as on the why and how of digital innovation and data usage to power great, ethical and transparent digital experiences.

Over nearly 9 years from 2015 until April 2023, experience included having worked with two of the worlds largest global cloud technology vendors; first Oracle, then with Salesforce to help brands achieve business success on their data-driven digital transformation journeys.

As a Data Evangelist leading the thought leadership practice for Oracle Marketing Cloud between 2015 and 2018, I clocked-up over 100 hours on stage as a Professional Speaker. During this time, I inspired thousands of people on the ethical approach to achieving successful data-driven digital transformation. This included senior leaders, business professionals, global brands, as well as their associated agency and systems integrator partners.

Purposeful Performance with smoothmind®

The Present

With this, I bring over 20 years of professional, cross-channel digital domain experience, working with brands of all sizes to effectively connect and engage with their customers.

Having recently left the corporate world, I made the exciting decision to follow my passion and officially launch Smoothmind Ltd, which is registered in England and Wales. Furthermore, I continue to produce digitally-infused, thought-provoking articles and videos for smoothmind. If you would like to subscribe, check-out subscription options here.

Based on hindsight, and connecting-the-dots between our affinity with digital engagement in life, work and play, I have surfaced a new way to think about the impact of world change and the effect of businesses in context to transforming for a better tomorrow. This is the ‘life prioritisation imperative‘, which businesses must embrace in order to be relevant in our new world of no constants.

The Future

We are at a critical moment of global change. With it, the life prioritisation imperative raises the bar for businesses globally. Since ultimately, it’s no longer enough to just digitally transform. It must also deliver purposeful performance to evolve and succeed.

Therefore, the ultimate objective is to triple-down on the amplification of delivering unique, impartial, thought leadership to the global community for a better tomorrow. So, I am really happy to pursue my purpose by developing smoothmind® full-time as CEO and Founder, where the primary mission is to create the world’s largest independent platform to inspire positive change.

Purposeful Performance with smoothmind®

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