Keynote Speaking packages from smoothmind® are delivered by CEO and Founder ‘Gopesh Raichura’. Bringing you digital thought leadership expertise to inspire your audiences and elevate your event.

Keynote Speaking packages from smoothmind®

Keynote Speaker ‘Gopesh Raichura’

Choose Gopesh Raichura, CEO and Founder of smoothmind® as a Keynote Speaker to deliver a thought-provoking Keynote and/or Leadership Workshop for your next event. He brings over 20-years of Digital Subject Matter Expertise to the table and has clocked-up over 100-hours of Professional Speaking on stage at key events, conferences, seminars and workshops across three continents.

On a Mission to Inspire 10 Million People

Our mission is to inspire 10 million people over the next ten years for positive digital change for the wellness of both our planet and people. By hiring Keynote Speaker Gopesh Raichura, he will inspire your audience to challenge status quo ways of thinking with regard to digital innovation and business change, by bringing the ‘Life Prioritisation Imperative‘ to the forefront of critical business thinking to remain relevant in tomorrow’s world.

Professional Credentials

Over the last 10 years, Gopesh worked at the cutting-edge of digital innovation for two of the largest global SaaS technology firms. It started with Oracle Marketing Cloud where he delivered data-driven thought leadership as their Data Evangelist for 5 years.

It was then followed with a term just shy of 5-years at Salesforce, where he delivered Professional Services in a Senior Business Strategy Consulting capacity advising global brands on their data-driven digital transformation journeys.

Platform for Positive Change

In May 2023, he decided to stop climbing the corporate ladder and instead to follow his passion, which was to transform smoothmind from what was first conceived as a digital blog back in 2012, into a dedicated platform for positive change.

So after several months behind the scenes, he launched Smoothmind Ltd in February 2024 to offer independent, impartial and trusted services to inspire both businesses and consumers alike for positive digital change.

Keynote Speaking packages from smoothmind®

Keynote Speaking Packages to Elevate Your Event

Explore and define business purpose in relation to the ‘life prioritisation imperative’. Learn what it means in context of performance, value goal and market phasing for your digital transformation

Learn more about 'Purposeful Performance' from smoothmind®.

Connecting the experience and aligning teams for success. Democratisation of performance insights and monitoring. Why it matters, and strategic considerations for positive impact

Inspire executive stakeholders to shine and smash status quo ways of thinking. Help them lead for success with a clear governance, enablement, engagement and rewards framework

Keynote Speaking packages from smoothmind®

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