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Wanted to share with you my top five list of music mixes from YouTube and SoundCloud that I find helpful to get in the zone; allowing my mind to unwind when dealing with complex projects and tasks. Ultimately, this helps to maintain a creative mindset when working to deliver high-impact results.

It’s important to have a balance of positive distractions to help keep you focused. For me, music is one of them. When I’m at my desk and need to get the job done, music serves as great inspiration to help me get in the zone!

There are some days where I have spent hours on web calls, only then to switch to project work that requires creative input, consideration and thought to develop strategic frameworks and initiatives that can tell a meaningful story and then be actioned to drive business success. Have you ever found yourself working away in silence and then realising you’re not in the right mind space?

Being in the wrong mind space can be the difference between producing great work versus substandard work. So without further ado and in no particular order, here’s my top five playlist for you to check-out. These mixes are each at least an hour in length. They are best enjoyed listening from start to finish. Maybe you might find a mix that helps to you to get in the zone…

In the Zone Top Five

Cafe De Anatolia – Best of 2018 (Mix by Billy Esteban)

Starting with the mix I was listening to while writing this post.

Pure Deep Mixes #3 – Mahmut Orhan Mix – February 2017

In this mix, one of my favourite instrumental’s from Game of Thrones blends in at 12 minutes and 40 seconds…

Thank you Mix – Recorded Live – May 2019 – Nick Lewis

Brought to you by my brother from another mother ‘Nick Lewis’, who has moved to the other side of the world. Hugely talented DJ and music producer, I love how he takes you on a journey beyond the realms in this mix. It starts to warm-up for me when Depeche Mode hits and will have you properly in the zone as he progressively builds the vibe to the 34 minute mark in the mix and continues beyond with his choice of melodic house and techno beats.

Deep Vocal 4 – Ahmet Kilic (Re-Upload)

I’ve come back to this one a few times. Good vibes and vocals…

[SET] DEEP HOUSE 80s/90s Retro (Vintage Culture, Adam K, Eurythmics, Pink Floyd, U2) – Chillestix

I’m one for the oldies… this mix has some bangers!

In the Zone: To Sum Up

This post should keep you going for weeks to come as you explore each mix and find the one that helps you get in the zone. When you find mixes you like, think about adding them as a bookmark into a dedicated bookmark folder in your web browser. This will enable you to quickly access your favourites for musical enlightenment to help you get in the zone!