IAB Programmatic Seminar And Workshop Hotel Venue

Calling all Agencies, Marketers and Publishers actively operating in and around Turkey… I am pleased to announce the inaugural launch of IAB Turkey’s Programmatic Seminar and Workshop.  The seminar is taking place at the gorgeous Divan Hotel in Istanbul, where you will have a chance to network with like-minded individuals and explore emerging Programmatic trends in Turkey.

It’s a great privilege to be supporting the event on behalf of Oracle Marketing Cloud.

IAB Turkey Programmatic Seminar And Workshop Key Themes

  • The Future Of Programmatic In Turkey
  • What Is Programmatic Advertising
  • Why It’s Growing
  • How To Do It
IAB Turkey Programmatic Seminar | 22 November 2017 | Istanbul
IAB Turkey Programmatic Seminar | 22 November 2017 | Istanbul

IAB Turkey Programmatic Seminar And Workshop Line-Up

  • MARS 1.0: The Evolving Shape Of Programmatic In 7 Years – Gopesh Raichura, Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Programmatic Is Not RTB – Serkan Tavşanoğlu, NOKTA
  • DSP’s New Brains, Cem Eroğlu, ADFORM
  • Data Resources And Usage In ADTECH Panel, KocZer & GroupM
  • Publisher Optimisation, Uğurhan Atma, SAHİBİNDEN
  • From Programmatic To Automation, Alp Ayhan, AWARION
  • Best Practices, Peogot-OMD & Akbank
  • Workshop, Özlem Geyik, Doubleclick, Google

After breakfast and coffee commencing at 08:30 the Seminar sessions will run through until 13:00. Finishing with the Workshop by Google running from 13:45 through until 17:00.

Please visit IAB Turkey for more information. Details are in Turkish.  If you are using Chrome browser, right click for English translations.

Hope to meet you there!