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How to succeed in Digital Transformation explores three key ingredients for successful business change. Whether you’re leading business change for a start-up, small or medium-sized business or a global corporate organisation; this article series and associated videos to follow will help to maximise your chances for success in Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation In The New World

In this new world, there are no constants, not even change! Consequently, this has huge implications on the very term ‘Digital Transformation‘. If you think about it, with change comes more change. At the blink of an eye, we have seen global disruption to the way we live our lives, our wellbeing, how we connect with others, and the businesses with which we shop.

In this new world, there are no constants, not even change!

Gopesh Raichura, smoothmind

As Consumers, our priorities for consumption of products and services has been flipped upside down. Furthermore, as Business Professionals, the way we service our customers has seen a switch from in-person engagement to full digital engagement. This new world has seen companies hit in such a major way that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs and hundreds of businesses have gone under.

Digital Transformation Impacts Everybody

The world had already reached a boiling-point, well before the global COVID-19 pandemic developed. In fact the effects of Global Consumerism that ensued for example, are inadvertently related to innovations enabled through Digital Transformation. It is the innovation in technology and supply chain in-part that has led to an on-demand instant shopping gratification culture. A culture that facilitates impulse purchases at the touch of a button or simple voice command. The pace of global digitally-enabled consumption is outstripping the pace of sustainable production and waste management.

It’s easy to understand why the general public are likely to switch-off, when they hear the term ‘Digital Transformation’. I mean, it only applies to large corporations and people involved in digital marketing and technology right?! Well, the answer there is no. The reality is that Digital Transformation impacts everybody. Therefore, we all have a role to play. This is to ensure it is deployed and utilised in a way that will not harm us or our planet.

The Unknowns Of Tomorrow

It is virtually impossible to future-proof a business from the unknowns of tomorrow. That said however, a proactive approach to addressing the three key ingredients in Digital Transformation will give your business the greatest chances to win in a world of no constants!

Digital Transformation in context of the COVID-19 pandemic for example, has seen rapid advancements in technology and innovation. It has helped to address the urgent need to preserve life and reduce time to market for vaccine deployment. A great example of a company that itself is undergoing a digital transformation is Salesforce, where I work in my current day job. Led by Marc Benioff, Salesforce continues to digitally transform and evolve, whilst contributing so much back to the global community. This includes the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as with innovations in Vaccine Management to support diligent vaccine deployment at scale. This is while also helping companies of all sizes get their teams back-to-work in this new virtual world!

Virtually every organisation has needed to undergo a digital transformation of one kind or another. However, in order to address the challenges that could arise from the unknowns of tomorrow; it is important for Digital Transformation to be embodied into the ethos of the organisational mindset. This will give it the ability to stay nimble, easily adapt and remain virtually relevant.

How To Succeed In Digital Transformation

Now we know the wider implication and importance of Digital Transformation for your business. We also understand the potential impact it can have in helping to drive positive change. In the brief video to follow, learn about the three key ingredients needed to help drive successful change for your business.

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