Digital Transformation Strategy 

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Digital Transformation Strategy 

Digital Transformation Strategy when applied in the right way can help your business stand the test of time… If you’re exploring this topic, it’s likely you’re seeking guidance to devise a winning Digital Transformation strategy for your business. If this is the case, smoothmind® can help to elevate your business to successfully navigate for positive change.

Pros and Cons

As a new business operating in the space of Digital Transformation consulting services, smoothmind® brings you a fresh, truly independent consulting approach, which is intentionally unchained from commercial partnerships with SaaS vendors.

The question you should ask is do you want your primary tech provider to also be your strategic business advisor in relation to your Digital Transformation investment?

Gopesh Raichura, CEO & Founder, smoothmind®

Typically, not only will these vendors be vying for you to spend the lion’s share of your digital innovation budget on their tech, but they will also encourage you to invest a percentage of this budget with their in-house consulting practices. The question you should ask is do you want your primary tech provider to also be your strategic business advisor in relation to your Digital Transformation investment? There are pros and cons to this scenario, as there will be for opting for an independent advisory firm. 

Digital Transformation Strategy

Intentionally Unchained

Here at smoothmind®, we are intentionally unchained from SaaS vendor commercial partnerships. This means we advise on Digital Transformation Strategy for the success of your business, without imparting any tech vendor biases. In fact, CEO and Founder ‘Gopesh Raichura’ has just shy of ten years Data-Driven Digital Transformation experience. It comes from having worked at two of the largest full-stack global SaaS players. During this time, he delivered Strategic Business consulting and Thought Leadership to some of the largest brands across 3 continents.

After clocking-up over 20 years professional Digital experience, he recognised the need for a truly impartial, independent and trusted Digital Transformation consulting practice… One that can not only talk the talk, but that has walked the walk. In February 2024, he launched Smoothmind Ltd to bring you a breath of fresh air in the consulting space. As a business, we are fully aware of the latest challenges faced by global brands. We have the expertise to help prioritise Digital Transformation Strategy, cut through the noise and deliver value where it counts.

When there is a sizeable budget on the table for SaaS innovation, we believe it’s important to work with a consulting partner that is tech vendor neutral. With this, smoothmind® has no obligation to recommend or sell you any tech. It means we can focus on supporting your leadership team to lead by positive example and win on the other side.

Enhancing Strategic Capabilities of Your Leadership Team

We’re in the midst of seeing a rise in the growth of Generative AI applications. With it, tech vendors are chomping at the bit to get Brands to jump on the AI bandwagon… However, with the right Digital Transformation Strategy in place, Brands can be enabled to take back control. By doing so, they can successfully lead the Strategy on their own terms, and for the right reasons. Don’t be mistaken… It takes more than just strategy to win, and we kid you not, the journey to transform is not easy.

However, smoothmind® brings you a no-nonsense approach to enhance the strategic capabilities of your in-house leadership team. They will be equipped to make better-informed business decisions related to Digital Transformation Strategy and prioritisation… Before then proceeding to invite SaaS vendors to pitch for your business through a formal tender process.

With smoothmind®, we guide you and your Senior Leadership team to get started in the right way.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Doing Things Differently

The world of consulting is known for being ambiguous and costly at the best of times. Therefore, smoothmind® does things differently. Based on upfront payment, we offer focused, fixed-price, fixed-term consulting packages. This is since we want you to choose the right package fit according to your business needs. It allows you to effectively forecast spend, whilst being able to control overall costs. If you want to take the stress out of Digital Transformation Strategy, choose smoothmind® as your trusted consulting partner. You can learn more about our packages here.

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