smoothmind® brings you impactful consulting to ethically innovate for a better tomorrow.

Digital Innovation Consulting for Positive Business Change

Having recently left the corporate world, I recognised a need for an independent, ethical innovation consulting service that supports positive digital change. With this, I’m excited to announce the launch of smoothmind’s new consulting service, delivered by yours truly…

Why it Matters?

Digital innovation is flooding the global marketing at an exponential rate. More importantly, for a typical organisation, it can be difficult to understand where to invest their time, money and limited resources. Often in this process, business leaders are faced with numerous choices for new innovations to consider, whether proven or not, in their quest for business gains. However, the term ‘business gains’ in itself complicates things.

Thereby leading to a potential disconnect from a value realisation perspective. Subsequently, the dilemma is that on one hand it creates an opportunity to achieve first-to-market advantages. However, on the other hand, it can result in unnecessary business distraction. Especially if not strategically factored-in, or indeed, misaligned with your overall business goal.

Our Approach to Digital Innovation Consulting

Here at smoothmind, we have a real passion, expertise, and desire to help organisations navigate the space of digital innovation. Not only are we independent and agnostic in our approach to navigating the digital landscape, but we pride ourselves in helping organisations to deliver purposeful performance on their transformational journey. By doing so, they innovate for the right reasons and in the right way, for a better tomorrow.

Fast-Start Packages For Your Business

Maybe you’re at the start of the journey and looking to establish an innovation pathway for business value success. Alternatively, you might be seeking longer-term support to guide key stages of digital change throughout the course of your transformation. Either way, smoothmind recognises that every organisation is different. With this, we bring clarity, expertise and guidance to make a positive difference on your journey. We have three simple packages to choose from.

Get a jump start in establishing an ethical innovation pathway for your business. We’ll review the existing scenario with the end-goal and recommend ways to shape your transformation for positive impact

Has your transformation journey become ‘clouded’ with conflicting viewpoints and priority misalignment? How will your business innovate to achieve purposeful performance?

Need an independent innovation consulting partner on your advisory board? What does business value mean in a world of no constants, and how will you embrace ethical data usage as things continue to change?

Bringing you positive business change