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Blazing Trails

Eight weeks into my new role blazing trails with Salesforce and the experience so far has been really exciting. Since the first day of joining, I have had the fortune of being able to work with one of the most switched-on, innovative and dedicated team of professionals within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services team.

I could tell even in the interview process prior to joining that the calibre of the team and the way in which they operate was going to be good. But it wasn’t until I joined that I truly got to appreciate why Salesforce has won numerous awards in recognition for being one of the best places to work! The Salesforce Ohana is one that I can say I am extremely proud to be a part of.

Values That Echo Through The Organisation

The values of Trust, Equality, Success, and Innovation are echoed through what I can only describe as a positively unique and unrivalled culture driven by the Salesforce Ohana comprising of employees, partners, clients and communities it serves.


Welcome Trailblazers
Welcome Trailblazers
New Salesforce Tower San Francisco

Soon after joining, I headed to California to participate in new-starter bootcamp training at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco. On day one of ‘Becoming Salesforce’ we all had a chance to participate in volunteering work to give back to the local community. The initiative I chose was for the Glide Free Meals programme, which provides over 2,000 meals daily to the poor, homeless and hungry.

Along with other new starters in my bootcamp team we got to work in the kitchen to help prepare for the evening meal serving. It was a humbling experience to help contribute to this important cause.

It’s great to see the positive impact that an organisation like Salesforce can have in giving back to the community and I look forward to exploring volunteering initiatives in order to help give back to the local community here in the United Kingdom.