Beyond Display Advertising with eCommerce Media

Beyond display advertising with eCommerce Media takes a brief look into the digital equivalent of what traditional FMCG brands having been doing offline for many years, which is the advertising of products on the end-cap’s of supermarket aisle’s.

Here supermarkets charge a price premium for brands to experience greater customer visibility of their products in prime positions of each aisle including the end-caps, allowing brands to see significant sales uplift of their products promoted through this method of marketing.

In my previous article, ‘The rise and rise of eCommerce Media‘, I gave you a brief introduction to a relatively new form of digital advertising called eCommerce Media. This covered different ways a retail site could commercialise its’ digital real-estate through eCommerce Media advertising. Depending on what stage a shopper is at in their online journey (pre or post-purchase), the retailer could look to commercialise their digital assets in the form of one or a combination of the following:

  • Sponsorship
  • IAB/custom display ad units
  • Bespoke feature page integration
  • Sales confirmation pages
  • System emails (newsletter registration, order confirmation, delivery status updates & notifications)
  • Standalone HTML email promotions to their 3rd party opt-in subscribers
  • Newsletter database subscribers
  • Social media channels

Depending on the scale and size of the retail site, it’s brand strength, site usability, online commercialisation strategy, and technology used in implementing such strategy, there are opportunities that can potentially be implemented that go beyond display advertising with eCommerce Media. This leads us to the digital equivalent of FMCG paying for premium shelf space and prominent positions…

The benefits of which, can help not just third-party brand advertisers but also the brands/manufacturers who sell products directly via these online retail sites, where advertising objectives can vary from brand awareness to new product launches or indeed be heavily ROI driven with a focus to drive more product sales through the site.

These opportunities include:

  • Product ad placements & featured brand logo’s in prime positions of the site
  • Sponsored product ad placements within the retail site search engine listing results
  • Store-in-store showcases enabling brands to benefit from integrated store fronts that  focus on promoting their brands, latest products and promotions and that can potentially provide a better shopper-experience with their brands in the process

eCommerce Media ad placements could also be extended to their mobile site, app and tablet offering, provided of course a retailer is that far advanced in their content distribution strategy.

eCommerce Media can be used here to empower retailers to commercialise their digital real-estate by providing opportunities for their suppliers to secure or bid for prime brand logo and product placement positions in order to benefit from increased exposure to valuable real-time shopper audiences.

In the process, they will be helping to improve on-site navigation for the consumer to engage with their brand over the competition and in-turn, increasing their chances of converting that customer to a sale a critical moment of the consumers decision making process on which products or service to to buy next.

Where retailers will excel here is through provision of accurate reporting in enabling their suppliers to have full visibility on the customer engagement and sales uplift against each product that is promoted through on-site advertising directly via their site or alternative channels such as system emails, newsletter database and social media pages.

Those online retailers who can offer comprehensive eCommerce Media ad serving reporting to allow for clear, accurate and automated reports for their suppliers, which give clarity on the impact of any on-site or cross-channel advertising in terms of both indirect and direct sales attribution tracking, will be best positioned to drive maximum incremental advertising revenue from suppliers across their valuable online real estate.

Companies who specialise in eCommerce Media ad serving include HookLogic and Bazaarvoice.