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About smoothmind | Gopesh Raichura
Gopesh Raichura
Founder & Author of smoothmind

Welcome to smoothmind!

Passionate about all things digital and an advocate for transparency and innovation, smoothmind brings you professional insight to help navigate the evolving digital landscape.

For over eighteen years, I have been helping brands, retailers, publishers, agencies, and systems integrators (SI’s) alike to successfully deliver great digital customer experiences (CX) for their audiences.

During this time, I have gained valuable experience working at the cutting-edge of technology innovations with boutique digital agencies, adtech vendors, martech vendors, through to the largest global and software-as-a service (SaaS) vendors (Oracle and Salesforce) in guiding the most recognised brands on their Digital Transformation journeys. Consequently, digital experience spans a diverse range of industry categories including Financial Services, B2B, Education, Retail, Automotive, Travel, Automotive, Real Estate, Utilities and Entertainment.

Meaningful Business Outcomes

Driven by the commercial and strategic growth objectives of my clients, I advise on data-driven transformation strategies that help deliver meaningful business outcomes. This is whilst also remaining pragmatic in approach to helping clients to navigate a highly fragmented digital eco system.

About smoothmind
Gopesh Raichura presenting at Performance 2020 in Prague on topic of Data Management & Activation

In my previous role as a Data Evangelist with Oracle Marketing Cloud, I had the exciting opportunity to help Marketers, Publishers, Agencies, and SI’s around the world to understand how to place their audiences at the heart of the conversation. For instance, I delivered thought leadership, sales and partner enablement training, as well as supporting a multitude of departments across the business. This included Sales, Business Development, Event Marketing, Customer Success, Alliances & Channels and Product Marketing teams. Ultimately, this helped to drive greater collaboration, awareness and education all round.

Blazing Trails

I currently lead client advisory for some of the world’s largest brands as they blaze trails on their data-driven digital transformation journeys with Salesforce. In short, this is achieved through a combination of applying best-practice guidance on vision, data strategy, and tactics to help achieve business success!

Equally, this insight together with my passion for digital, analytical mindset and attention to detail, allows me to successfully navigate the digital landscape to help deliver the right business results, whether that be related to brand engagement, new customer acquisition, customer retention, new product/service launches, commercialisation or digital transformation.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.